Our audit services are managed by ADNAN EURO CONSULTANTS

which is associates member of ARIFIN AHMAD & CO. whereby

designed to help clients meet both their statutory obligations and

business objectives. Our audits are based on the highest

professional standards that comply with the Malaysian Accounting Standard Board (MASB),

International Auditing Guidelines, International Accounting Standards, and Companies Act

1965 and its amendments.

Recognizing that recent changes in the field of financial reporting have placed greater

demands on a company’s professional advisors, we offer a business-oriented approach

that focuses on the important issues and provide constructive and practical

recommendations to impact operations and profitability.

We currently enjoy undertaking audit assignments on companies with total assets over RM

50 million. Our clients are found in virtually every field of industry and commerce. They

range from sole proprietors and partnerships to large corporations and prominent co-


The services that our audit department offers, includes among others:

Annual statutory audit, as required by the Companies Act.

Applications of a accounting principles and policies.

Compliance audit with the KL Stock Exchange listing and other statutory requirements.

Due diligence and other special audits.

Acting as reporting accountant.


Today’s businesses must be able to asses their internal financial

strength on a timely basis in order to make the right decisions and

maintain a competitive edge, that why we create EURO-ASIA

CORPORATE SERVICES SDN BHD to help you to make better

business decisions. 


A proper accounting system which complies with external ( both local and international)

requirements is a necessity to avoid costly adjustments having to be made. As a result of

using computerized accounting packages, our clients are able to request their financial

reports at any time the need for it arises with an added advantage-not having to bear

extensive costs for paying an accountant’s salary.


With this added service, our clients are able to reduce high overheads for having to

engage a lot of support staff, which are by nature non-income generating but necessary

for the proper running of the business.


A study carried out on small and medium sized businesses (SMI’s) with turnover between RM

1.5 – 2.0 million shows that the average amount a business needs to invest on setting up its

administrative department is between RM 30,000 – RM 50,000. Monthly overheads ranges

from as low RM 14,500 and as high as RM 25,000 per annum.

With this trend, many SMI’s have opted to outsource their administrative departments by

engaging professional company secretaries and / or chartered accountants to handle

these daily and routine tasks.



Tax, both direct and indirect, is a cost of doing business. It makes

good business sense to legitimately manage and reduce this cost.

This service also managed under EURO-ASIA CORPORATE SERVICES



Achieving the maximum benefits within the confines of an increasingly complex taxation

system demands specialists familiar with the tax   issues involved. After all, taxation is a vital

business area presenting unprecedented opportunities for tax planning in the light of

changing regulatory requirements, amended tax laws and the expansion of business

activities both domestically and internationally.


More important is the ability to anticipate issues before these become a problem for the



We have the ability to address your business problems from a tax perspective, whatever the

tax issue may be. We bring to task our objectivity and extensive experience, and the

knowledge and resources of our Group’s professionals – a potential combination of

technical and commercial skills.


Our staff comprises of professionals with business and accounting qualifications. They are

trained to be business advisors who can help you.



Our services has been organized by Q & E BUSINESS SOLUTION into

two line of services:

A. Company Secretarial Services

Once incorporated, our team can assist to place the private

limited company in a position to commerce business, and offer on-going support to ensure

proper compliance with regulations of the correspondences places of incorporation.

Our secretarial services for private limited company cover:

Acting as company secretary

Maintenance of statutory records and documents

Preparation and filling of statutory documents to Company Commission of Malaysia

Minutes for meetings and resolutions of directors and shareholders

Providing advices on changes in share capital structure

Opening for bank account

Acting as nominee director and/or shareholder

Provision of registered office address

Providing of business correspondences address


B. Business Advisory Address

Our team will give you access to the best experience and  knowledge and work with you

to success and meet your  business objective.

Part of the services that we provide are:

Financial management

Reporting for application of banking fcailities

Share valuation

Financial reporting strategies

Corporate financing


Our consulting arm provides management consultancy ervices.

These services are provided by professionals with a wide range of

multi-disciplinary skills. They impart objectivity, specialized

knowledge and experience to the task on hand, providing you

with pragmatic solutions to your management solutions by our



The range of management services covers all facets of management for private industry,

commerce, government and quasi-government bodies and non-profit institutions. We

implement the 3R-Concept, which are Recruit, Represent and Recognition.


Recruit : We recruiting foreign students from other country such as, Indonesia.


Represent: Representing Malaysian education institution to worldwide. In conjunction with

Ministry of Higher Education.


Recognition: To be recognize in line with the development of Malaysia Higher Institution.


We have experienced in organizing education activities such as Roadshow, Exhibition and

Info Kiosk. Our activities have been supported by Malaysia Ministry of Higher Education to

participated in Malaysia Higher Education Exploration (MOHEX) on 2007 until 2009 and still

running our education activities in Indonesia with our trusted partner. Hence, with this

experiences, we manage to achieve our vision to be the best and well-known education

event organizer in Malaysia specifically and worldwide generally.


We differentiate ourselves in the audit and financial services

market by firmly holding on to the tenets of the Islamic Syariah. The

Islamic Syariah when practiced, will promote greater

accountability, reliability, quality and last but not least

professionalism; criterion which are not new in the business



Promoting businesses owned by Muslims (either 100% or majority share) to fulfill their zakat

obligations will help towards developing a better social and economic environment.

Businessmen personally   experience greater satisfaction when this important tenet of Islam

is fulfilled; as they realize that there are more greater objectives that businesses can hope to

achieve other than just maximization of profit.


We are constantly upgrading this new section of our firm to establish it as one of our key

business area. However, our objective is not to make profit out of this service for our own

personal gratification but to     contribute the fees earned to accomplish other goals of a

more global nature in order to seek the pleasure of Allah s.w.t.


Zakat is charged on assets at a rate ranging from 2.5% to 20% depending on the type of

asset, when the conditions of zakat are    fulfilled i.e sufficiency (nisab) and complete cycle


Assets which are charged zakat are:


Gold and silver

Business income


Mineral ( obtained through mining activities)


The zakat collected are to be distributed to certain classification of people in society

namely :

The poor and desolate (Fakir & Miskin)

Freed slaves (Hamba yang dibebaskan)

Travellers (Musafir)

New converts (Muallaf)

Debtors (Penghutang)

Collector of zakat (Amil)

A person who strives in the cause of Allah (Ibnu Sabil)

(1) This is the minimum rate charged,  however one is encouraged  to pay above the minimum rate (2) Minerals are exempted from these conditions
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